Won’t be long until our new website launches! We will feature new services such as our in-plant Vision Testing service and our “Optician-On-Demand” anytime, anywhere fitting service.  We are owned an operated by eye physicians. If you have special needs with prescription safety eyewear, need in-plant vision testing, want an assessment of your eye program for non-compliant products, or unhappy with your current supplier, let’s talk. Call John at 314-795-8537 or john@completeeyesafety.com.

Our corporate pricing is simple and straight forward

Our specialty is Workplace safety

Expertly fit and manufactured eyewear is essential for eye safety and optimal visual performance at work.


Whether you need our Total Safety Program for your company or a single pair of glasses, we are here to help. We use only the best available frames and lenses, and provide expert consultation and support with every order.

our optical lab at your doorstep

Complete Safety has a mobile optical lab. We come to you. Prescription glasses are manufactured on-site, and delivered today. No shipping costs, no dispensing fees, no manufacturing delays.


Our mobile lab provides on-site manufacturing at better than competitive rates, with no long waits or inconvenience.


Visit our Mobile Lab website to find out if the mobile unit is right for your business. 

prescription shooting glasses specialists

SGS Performance Eyewear is a well-respected and recognized brand in the shooting sports.


SGS is the only shooting glasses company to:


Be owned exclusively by doctors and opticians.


Design precision optical molds to manufacture distortion free lenses specifically for the shotgun shooter.


Manufacture all lenses in the United States of America.


Own high-definition digital lens manufacturing allowing us to offer the absolute best possible precision and clarity in prescription lenses.


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