What makes Complete Safety different? Eye safety is our number one priority! 


Doctor written and presented eye safety education: We offer this as a service at no charge. 


Mobile Lab: For companies with a lot of employees we offer an on-site mobile lab. In the age of rapid manufacturing, why wait? Don't put your employees' eyes at risk waiting for proper glasses. Don't make multiple trips to an office. Call or visit our Sight-on-Site mobile unit website for more information.



We manufacture our own lenses so we can produce quality safety glasses at better than competitive rates. Our corporate pricing is simple and straight forward. 


All of our glasses are sold as a complete pair: frames, lenses, cleaning cloth, and case included.


Complete Safety Eyewear is an independent optical lab. We do not accept insurance.




Manufacturing our own lenses allows us to establish and maintain our own high level of quality.


Polycarbonate Lenses: Polycarbonate combines light weight and superior impact resistance. Additionally, we provide a complimentary premium scratch resistant coating at no charge. We source our raw lens materials from the world's leading lens company.


Safety Frames: An array of attractive, practical and comfortable frames is available and all meet ANSI or ASTM standards for safety. We only work with high-quality reputable safety frame manufacturers.


One Year Warranty: Frames and lenses are warranted against breakage and defects with normal usage for a period of one year. 


With 3 ways to order, Complete Safety takes the headache out of obtaining safety glasses for your employees. 


In Office: Visit one of our local offices to select a frame and get fitted. Eyewear can be picked up or shipped when complete, typically 5-7 business days. 


On-Site: Our specialized opticians will bring a fitting kit to your business. Orders are taken to our local lab for processing. Minimum order required for on-site service. 


Mobile Lab: No shipping costs, no dispensing fees, no waiting. Our first-of-its-kind mobile lab provides same day safety glasses to your business. Mobile prices vary. Minimum order required. Visit our mobile lab website www.sight-on-site.com for more information. 



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Are you ready for an affordable and simple solution to safety eyewear?


After seeing too many patients whose lives were profoundly altered by workplace injuries, we created Complete Safety Eyewear. Doctor owned and operated, we ensure that companies and their employees have easy access to affordable eye protection. 



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