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The information on this page is intended for our corporate customers only. 

use the tier links below to browse our frames or submit an online order.

the following pricing is only available to our current corporate program customers.


*when browsing frames please use the back button or return to this page for direct links. Hyperlinks will take you to our main website which does not reflect this pricing.* 

Steps for ordering safety glasses:


1. Discuss your frame options with your safety manager. All frames may not be available to you.   


2. Obtain a copy of your current prescription from your eye doctor. You will need to upload this during the ordering process.


3. Obtain your PD (pupillary distance) measurement from your eye doctor if this measurement is not already on your prescription. If you do not have this measurement you can follow the instruction on how to take a photo of yourself holding a credit card and upload the photo. Instructions can be found on each frame description page. 


4. Place your order, be sure to add your email address and company name.


5. Once we receive your order we will send it to your safety manager for approval. After approval, the order will be sent to our lab. 


6. If payment by the employee is needed we will contact you via email. Payments by credit card can be made on our website under the make a payment tab.




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